Bannersnack Enterprise

1. Account details

This is the first page you'll see when you log in as a Bannersnack Enterprise administrator.

Account details Account details company logo

By default the logo will not be displayed, (depends on the contract agreement). If this is the case, you will be able to add your custom logo or leave it as it is. As soon as you add it, your logo will be displayed both on the settings page and in the banner maker itself. If you see our logo, it means that you won't be able to change it.

Under the "Current price range" subtitle, you will find the number of banners your users created in the current billing cycle, which is a month.

Current price range

Right under this, you have a graph/"progress bar", on which you'll be able to find:

  • The minimum monthly banners which you'll have to pay for, regardless if your users have created them or not
  • The banner limits - 3 steps - so that you can visualize where you stand
  • The price per banner between those limits
Current balance

In this section you can find the amount you have to pay at the end of the billing cycle. The price is calculated depending on how many banners your users created that billing cycle. For example, if your users created 47 banners and the ranges are exactly as in the graph above, your bill will be calculated like this: $10 * 40 banners + $8 * 7 banners = $456.

Next billing date

This section displays the next billing date.


Here you see the domain on which your Bannersnack Enterprise is available.


Here you find your Client id and the Secret key, which are generated for you alone. You should make sure that they remain secret and others do not have access to them. These are used to login your users. If someone finds out your Secret key, there is a Reset key link which will generate you a new key.

2. Settings

In the Settings page, you can define what features are available for your users in the banner maker app, features available during the creation process or after the banner is done (download formats, embed options, etc).


The first thing you will be able to set up is the logo which will be displayed in the top-left corner of the app. By default, this place will be empty, click the "Chose image" to add your own logo. You can use the checkbox to enable or disable your logo.

Settings company logo

If you don't see this link, it means that based on your contract agreement you can't change the logo and the banner maker app will be branded with our own logo: "Powered by bannersnack".

Unlimited number of banners

Below download formats, there is the number of banners limit. By default, this will be unlimited, but you can set it to any number you'd like.

Limited number of banners

This represents the maximum number of banners that each one of your users can create during a billing cycle. One user cannot exceed that number. After they reached that number, they will be notified by a pop-up message in which they are informed that they reached the maximum number of banners allowed for the month in progress.

Callback URLs

In the callback URL's section, you can set up the Close banner editor and Use this banner URL. By default, these inputs will be empty, so that your users won't see the option to close the banner maker app in the top-right corner of the app or the button to use the banner after they created it.

After you've set up the Close banner editor URL, the link to close the banner maker app will be displayed in the top-right corner of the app, and if a user clicks it, he will be redirected to the link you've set in the Close banner URL input.

After you've set up the Use this banner URL, when the user creates a banner and presses the Save button, he will be redirected to the given url with the banner hash attached at the end.

Size formats

In this section you can choose whether your users can create custom size banners, predefined sizes or both. By default, all the sizes will be toggled (blue) and custom sizes checked. Depending on your preferences, you can also add custom size/sizes of your own with custom width, height and a suggestive name, and add them to the list from which your users can start from.

Save button

You will find the Save button at the end of the settings page. After you've successfully set up all the features and options for your users, you can hit the save button and a message confirmation message will be displayed right next to it. Your settings will take effect immediately after saving, but a refresh of the page will be necessary on the user side.

Save button with saved message

3. View all users

On this page you will have listed all the users you added in your application, regardless if they are active or not.

View all users

The first column represents the identifier, which can be an email, id, hash or whatever your developers are using to identify and login your users. The user list will always be sorted alphabetically based on the identifier.

The second column contains the full name of your users.

Third column represents the total number of banners that a certain user created from the beginning until present. Right next to it, there is a column with the number of banners created in the current billing month.

In the last column you have an "on/off" switch you can use to enable or disable certain users. If one user is disabled, he won't be able to use the banner maker app and when he tries to use the app, he'll get an error screen with "Service temporarily unavailable", like this one:

Service temporary unavailable

4. Order history

On this page will be listed all of your orders.

Empty order history Order history users

You have the invoice number, the amount you/your organisation has to pay, the number of banners created in that billing cycle, the date the invoice was created, the status of the invoice: New, Overdue and Paid; and lastly, a link, from which you can download your invoice in PDF format.

This concludes our brief overview of our 4 admin pages found on the top left side of your Bannersnack Enterprise manager account. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us at any time.